How one man tapped into the Web to crowd-source a cure for his cancer

An interesting application of crowd sourcing, beyond what many of us do in the various patient fora and blogs that we participate in. My own sense is that too much information creates another task of having to filter and assess all that information, and makes decisions harder, rather than easier. And unclear from the article whether all the crowdsourcing has made a difference in terms of the standard treatment to remove his brain tumour.

On the other hand, from an emotional and psychological point of view, getting 500,000 hits and 20,000 emails, and additional support, is powerful. Quote:

“I think it’s very courageous and bold for him to really embrace his illness and really make it something for good,” [Dr. Jimmy] Lin said. “I really applaud his efforts and his efforts will have an impact not only on him but for all future patients, as he’s pushing more for openness.”

Lin said the main challenge for Iaconesi will be figuring out how to make sense of the mass of information that has suddenly become available to him.

For Iaconesi, however, the key to understanding his crowd-sourced “cure” is to employ the same tool that helped him to find it: the Internet, with all its power to harness information and build networks.

“I am not looking for a ‘miracle cure’ and I perfectly know that I can’t become an expert in brain tumours overnight,” Iaconesi said. “And if you think about it, I don’t need to become an expert on brain cancer overnight, as (there) is the network of people who are collaborating together to constitute a great, multi-domain, expert.”

How one man tapped into the Web to crowd-source a cure for his cancer –

Link to his site here.


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