Denmark scraps fat tax in another Big Food victory

Good commentary on the likely impact of Denmark’s decision to scrap the fat tax on other governments:

While we don’t know know if Denmark’s fat tax would have had its desired impact on pubic health, the worry is that other governments may see Denmark’s short-lived and un-evaluated experiment as a political failure and a warning not to investigate similar options themselves.

The biggest concern is that governments around the world appear to be acting in favour of corporate interests, whilst not considering the long-term health of society.

The hope is that governments will show the political will to continue to investigate and evaluate cost-effective strategies to improve population diets and prevent obesity. These may be in the form of the Danish fat tax or others, such as taxes on soft drinks. Other options may be bans on the marketing of unhealthy foods, or restrictions on serving sizes, such as the limit recently imposed in New York.

Denmark scraps fat tax in another Big Food victory.


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