When a medical student sees you, consider it your lucky day


On getting a medical student at a clinic or hospital, and the benefits of time. Having had many an intern, resident or fellow (various stages on the way to becoming a doctor), a large element is true, as they tend to be more thorough and comprehensive in their examinations and questions. I have also had medical students who have left me less than satisfied for the following reasons:

  • not reading the file to know why I’m there;
  • not knowing enough to have to run in and out to see a doctor; and,
  • reviewing (again) all the risks after the important discussions with doctors has already taken place.

However, I realize that part of my role as a patient is to help the next generation of doctors, and my overall experience has been positive. Quote:

Today is your lucky day. You get a young burgeoning doctor unencumbered by time constraints. They don’t care about the waiting room full of patients. They are hopeful, enthusiastic, and not yet jaded by the realities of practicing medicine. The weight of those enormous medical school loans are not yet felt on their sturdy and cheery 26 year old backs.

They are there for you and your child. They listen intently. Maybe you think they’re asking too many questions, but they’re determined to get a complete history. They know their job is to listen and be meticulous about their physical exam.

Seriously, when was the last time you had someone listen to you so earnestly?

When a medical student sees you, consider it your lucky day.


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