Love: A word that medicine fears

Nice piece on the human side of medicine, whether one uses the term love, warmth, empathy or caring. I do feel this kind of support and care both at my Blood and Marrow Transplant clinic and with our family doctor; even if time is limited, there is always a minute to connect on the personal level. Quote:

Funny thing is, once you start openly loving patients – once you open yourself – you become more effective, not less. My patients know I love them. I remind them when they are getting chemo. I call them if I have been wondering how they are doing, or I know that I can if I need to. And in return they help me. They try really, really hard to do what I ask. They listen to the advice of the medical assistant. They know her face and some her name. They are so much kinder to all of us when things are busy, or we are stressed, or down, because everyone is a person to them now, not a cog in a machine.

Love: A word that medicine fears.


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