Can Housework Help You Live Longer? –

More on longevity and exercise further to Exercise and longevity: Worth all the sweat and Minutes of exercise a day may add years to your life. Benefits are clear, and not much activity or intensity required:

Interestingly, the association between physical activity and longer life held true also for those volunteers who reported exercising only occasionally. “A very low level of activity, equivalent to 10 minutes per day of walking, was associated with a gain of almost two years of life expectancy,” says Steven Moore, a research fellow with the National Cancer Institute, who led the study.

In fact, he says, “maximum longevity was reached at a physical activity level equivalent to 65 minutes per day of walking, with no evidence for gains above this level of activity.”

What all of this suggests, Dr. [I-Min] Lee says, is “that physical activity, even at a modest level, can increase life expectancy.”

But it’s also probable, although not yet definitively proven, she continues, that “intense exercise gives additional benefit above the risk reduction afforded by energy expenditure alone.”

In other words, pushing yourself during your next walk, bike ride or home-repair project might amplify the activity’s longevity-enhancing benefits, Dr. Lee says. But if you don’t wish to or cannot increase the intensity of your exercise, don’t sweat it.

Given our busy lives, encouraging news (virtually all of us should be able to find 10-15 minutes per day, given the benefits, even if more time is a challenge).

Can Housework Help You Live Longer? –


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