What would your personal health checklist look like?


A good piece, recognizing that when illness strikes, we may not be able to be as empowered a patient as we like. Hence thinking about what is important before hand through a checklist. The only thing missing is the link with an advanced directive, should treatment options make one necessary. The checklist:

  1. I always want a second, or, if necessary, a third opinion on any treatment, surgery or procedure that carries moderate risk or has notable pros and cons.
  2. I want to know the odds of benefiting from any treatment or procedure that is recommended.
  3. I want access to all my medical records.
  4. Before taking any medication, I want to fully understand the side-effects and long-term implications associated with each.
  5. I want to know and fully understand my diagnosis and my prognosis.
  6. I want the doctor’s un-edited opinion about my situation.
  7. I would like the opportunity to talk with other patients with the same diagnosis.
  8. I want exposure to whatever is necessary to be as educated as possible about the illness.
  9. I’d like someone to accompany me to appointments. Having another person listen and if necessary, advocate on my behalf, may be invaluable. At a minimum, I might need help remembering details, asking questions and taking notes.
  10. I want my physicians to talk directly to me, and not solely to the person who accompanies me.
  11. I do not want to hide due to depression.
  12. I want to maintain healthy nutrition and exercise habits, to the best of my abilities.
  13. I want to laugh daily and indulge in small pleasures with family and friends.

What would your personal health checklist look like?.


What do you think?

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