Good News About Cancer Infographic

cancer infographic - smallWhile the information and messaging are all good, I really find the colour scheme and layout jarring and distracting from the content. For the aficionados of infographics, do you have the same reaction?

Good News About Cancer Infographic.


4 thoughts on “Good News About Cancer Infographic

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  2. The points are all valid – but nevertheless it frustrates me to no end that in focusing on prevention, there’s almost a sort of blame towards those (myself included) who didn’t prevent it enough. But that’s not really the inforgraphic’s fault. That’s simply the frustration of having no clue why cancer happened.

    • While I am a great believer in improving the odds through exercise, diet etc, in the end, sometimes stuff just happens notwithstanding all that. From a public health perspective, makes sense to reiterate all the healthy living messages, but for those of us who have largely followed them and still got cancer, it can be frustrating at times. I personally console myself that these helped me survive the treatment and recover more quickly 🙂

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