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cleveland clinicGood interview with the Dr. Toby Cosgrove, head of the Cleveland Clinic, on what they do differently. Main areas highlighted: changing the incentives (salary rather than fee-based compensation), better data and analysis, ending separate departments of surgery and medicine (i.e., more interdisciplinary teams), and cost information available to all. Quote:

“Two years ago, I was invited to the White House and I’m there with 9 other CEOs of hospital systems, you know there’s the New York Hospital System, Columbia, Penn, Hospital CEOs from all over the place. Everybody’s given three or four minutes to tell their story about what they can do to improve healthcare delivery. I’m the last guy to talk and I described our system, how we’re integrated and how we’re all employed. And everybody says, ‘Oh we couldn’t do that.’ I said, ‘Wait a minute, guys. How many of you would like to have that system?’ Everybody raised their hand. So the point is, that we’re entrenched in a different system. We’re going from an individual sport ot a team sport, and getting everybody to change their headspace is a big deal.”

Bit like Atul Gawande’s pit crew analogy to modern-day medicine.

Business Innovation In Healthcare – Business Insider.


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