Men more likely to die of cancer: study – Yahoo! News

For you men out there, the ‘cheery’ news of the morning. No firm theories as to why but the following quote suggests reasons and recommends we pay more attention to our health and lifestyle:

The new study can’t show what’s behind the differences in cancer deaths, but possible theories include men’s higher rates of smoking and drinking combined with less frequent doctor’s visits – which cause men’s cancers to be diagnosed in later, more advanced stages.

Sex hormones may also contribute to differences in men’s and women’s immune systems, metabolism and general susceptibility to cancer, according to Yang Yang, a sociologist and cancer researcher from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who studies health disparities but wasn’t part of the study.

She said the new findings are consistent with work suggesting a higher risk of death for men from many causes, not just cancer.

But a full understanding of the origins and mechanisms in sex differences in cancer, as well as overall mortality, has remained elusive,” Yang told Reuters Health in an email.

[Shahrokh] Shariat said men should be particularly proactive about their health care.

“That means going to screening programs, seeing a general practitioner or primary care provider on a regular basis and as soon as symptoms arise that are new, mentioning that to their primary care physicians,” he added.

Men more likely to die of cancer: study – Yahoo! News.


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