Take Two Pills and Charge Me in the Morning | Innovations

A good survey article on some of the developments in mobile health and apps, starting with Scanadu, the first device to approximate the tricorder of Star Trek, along with some examples of interesting apps. Quote:

Scanadu is already making comparisons to the innovation of the family thermometer back in the 19th century, an invention that gave people the opportunity to gather health data at home. They may be right about that.

Most doctors would certainly agree that this is a good thing, in that it will make it ridiculously easy for a person to check his vitals every day. In theory it would, like the thermometer, let people know if they have a health problem without attempting to explain what it might be.

But then there’s this tagline on the Scanadu website: “Sending your smartphone to med school.” Sure, it’s meant as a clever, pithy pitch. But it also raises a notion that makes a lot of people in the medical community very uneasy about where this boom in health and medical apps is headed.

Take Two Pills and Charge Me in the Morning | Innovations.


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