Living With Cancer: Dancing With N.E.D. –

Another piece by Susan Gubar, this time focusing on music and gynecological cancer awareness, and the group N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease). Quote:

And then there are people like me who are diagnosed later in life but can’t fill out an N.E.D. dance card because, unfortunately, we still have E.D. (evidence of disease). That said, I am here to add that it is possible, if only intermittently, to hum along with E.D., which has its own sometimes somber but sometimes revitalizing rhythms.

The physician-musicians of N.E.D named their second CD “Six Degrees” for their six medical degrees, but also for the six degrees of separation between patients with gynecological diseases and everyone else. The title reminds me that every six minutes an American girl or woman discovers that she has a gynecological cancer. Let us hope that future research will develop new detection tools and improved treatments, giving each one a longer time to twist and shout with N.E.D.

Living With Cancer: Dancing With N.E.D. –


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