Survivors of the storm | Sunrise Rounds

Nice reminder of the importance of community in helping us live with cancer, drawing from Hurricane Sandy:

The cancer diagnosis lays each of us bare. We feel frail and isolated, forced into a battle as primal as nature; the battle to survive. Even though we may be in the warmth of our own homes, the comforts of modern life pale and we are naked before the tempest.

However, Sandy taught a more powerful and incredible lesson. That lesson is one of immense love and strength. We are not alone. We are never alone. The family of man truly is a family and on the coldest days, we stand together against the wind. In the lee of the Hurricane, without hesitation, without personal consideration, despite fear, we rush together. We fight, suffer and sacrifice for each other. Isolated man is an illusion. We struggle as one.

This great hope is a vital lesson in the war against cancer. No patient is ever alone. Whether it is family, friend, neighbor, nurse, office worker, researcher, minister, administrator, cop, aide, doctor, pharmacist, cook or belief in an immortal god, we fight the illness together. It is WE that make US strong. Isolation is the illusion. We struggle as one. Together we build, heal and rise. Survivors of the storm.

Survivors of the storm – Sunrise Rounds | Sunrise Rounds.


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