Living with Cancer: My First Book Review

My apologies for the self-serving post, but this is my first book review, by oncologist James Salwitz of Sunrise Rounds. Starting and ending quotes:

Some of the most informative books I have read about cancer care are not from scientists, academics or thought leaders, rather they are the writings of those at the front of the war, patients.  The personal experiences and insights of those who have persevered in the fight are vital guides for patient, family and doctor.


This is an important, modern book about life and cancer and Griffith is a skilled teacher. The author, who blogs at his website, My Lymphoma Journey, has made the book available through Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo or Lulu.  Living it is an excellent source of information and introspection, and is a valuable addition to the armamentaria of anyone involved in the battle against the dread disease.

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3 thoughts on “Living with Cancer: My First Book Review

  1. Happy New Year Andrew – and I am so pleased that you have written a book based on your experience. Whenever I read you blog, I am always so touched by your courage, candid observations and helpful strategies. To share such profoundly personal experiences, in such thoughtful and insightful manner, is a real gift to so many. All the best, Danielle

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