My TV Interview


7 thoughts on “My TV Interview

  1. Hi Andrew:

    Your observations about being a cancer patient were spot on. I understood about the issue of closure you were discussing and how writing about the experience helped you with that. I really didn’t confront the emotional side of cancer until a few years after treatment. But then I became involved in both online and real-time counseling of patients and survivors with cancers similar to mine (head & neck). It has an amazing effect by allowing you to work thru these emotions and help others work thru theirs – helping helps the helper so-to-speak.

    I also appreciated your suggestion of helping the cancer patient by just being there for them – to keep them from becoming isolated which is a terrible feeling for someone going thru the treatment, side effects, recovery of radiation and/chemo. And yes, people will make mistakes in what they say – cancer is something that demands a whole new language.

    You should check Christopher Hitchens and some of his writings in Vanity Fair regarding his cancer. In the same context of what your brought out about in what to say to a cancer patient, he takes the position that the world is divided into Tumortown and Wellville. Those who have had cancer and those who have not, and as if they are coming from separate countries with different languages and customs.

    Wonderful interview with excellent insights and observations. You would make a good counselor yourself!

    – Jeff

  2. Thanks Jeff for your kind comments and sharing your own experience of helping others while helping yourself.

    I am a great fan of Hitchens and have posted some of his remarks earlier on my blog. I particularly liked his line taking down the clichĂ© of Nietzche’s line ‘what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger’ as it rarely applies to cancer treatment regimes.

    Best wishes,


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