Year 1, Week 32: Escaping More Snow

Warm at last!

Warm at last!


Good timing to go South, as winter and snow continue in Ottawa….

Strange that the feeling of liberation from coats, hats, gloves (and shovelling!) is matched by the awareness that I have to get back to my summer ‘protective gear.’ While last year, I was just happy to be alive and walking, this year I feel a bit irritated that I have to cover up so much with SPF clothing and sunscreen, feel overdressed in the land of T-shirts and shorts, and be careful to avoid the mid-day sun. Not rational at all, but a reminder of how our expectations and irritations change as major problems diminish but emotionally there is a sense of loss nonetheless. Perhaps to complain is human!

That I complain about the necessary precautions to minimize sun exposure is a mark of just how little I have to complain about! Enjoy what we have, is a better approach.

None of this has prevented me from walking more, biking again, and for the first time in a number of years, swimming. My muscles feel it at the end of each day, but a good feeling, reminding me just of what I can do.

Even the drive down made me realize that I can do long drives again; while tiring, it was not exhausting, and was enjoyable seeing the slow transition from snow and temperate to green and sub-tropical, an awareness of the scale of our world that one does not appreciate from above.

All for this week.


2 thoughts on “Year 1, Week 32: Escaping More Snow

  1. I recently stumbled onto a number of emails from back in January 2008 when I was still in recovery from radiation and chemo (treatment ended Nov 2007). I had just begun venturing outside and just that simple act of going to the store, the library, even picking up a hot dog I couldn’t eat and a cup of yogurt that i could enjoy only a few spoons of, was exhilarating. Sometimes the most ordinary can be the most extraordinary. One thing this disease and treatment does is change your perspective. There is nothing small in your life anymore… 🙂

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