Toronto couple wins fight to have cancer drug funded | Toronto Sun

An update on the Wylie’s (see original post here) and their request for their cancer drug to be funded. Happy to see this resolved in their favour, and hope that the drug, Compath, works for her and for more than ‘a little longer’ than stated in the article. Quote:

“There are people paying for their drugs who are being bankrupt. They can’t even have these drugs they are paying for put in their arms in a public hospital they are paying taxes for. It’s intolerable and needs to stop”, he (Peter Wylie) added. 

Unfortunately, reader comments bring out the usual anti New Canadian rants, rather than the harder issue of what treatments are paid for and what our not by health insurance, whether government or private, and the impact of these kinds of life-prolonging treatments on health care costs and thus health care premiums or taxation.

Toronto couple wins fight to have cancer drug funded | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

Life and death battle with OHIP | Toronto Sun

One of the ironies of the Toronto Sun. While railing away at government spending in most of their opinion pieces and news items (sometimes hard to tell the difference …), when a concrete human interest story appears – and it is a moving one – concern over government spending disappears, with no analysis of the implications of this one decision on overall healthcare expenditures.

Given the discrepancy between the Ontario policy on coverage versus other provinces, encouraging that the Health Minister has asked for this to be reviewed, as my heart goes out for the couple.

Life and death battle with OHIP | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.