Living with Cancer: A Journey

Andrew Griffith

In June 2009, Andrew Griffith’s life turned upside down with his diagnosis of mantle cell lymphoma, an aggressive and incurable form of lymphoma. Join Andrew through his treatment, recovery, relapse and further treatment over a three year period, as he is faced with numerous physical, emotional and relationship challenges.

This book recounts one man’s experience, reactions and reflections on how he comes to terms with his fate, and how he realizes that his disease, while about him, is also about how we all react and support one another during times of need.

As a husband, father of two young adult children and former senior civil servant, Andrew was healthy and active prior to his diagnosis in his early fifties.

This is a story of appreciation for the bigger and smaller things in life; of reflection, and on how not to take life for granted. Andrew’s thoughts on living, faith, support, creating meaning and working with others are complemented by his observations on the wide range of books, films and music that accompany him on his journey.

Of interest to those living with cancer, those close to them, or those who wonder “what if”, as well as health professionals wishing to gain a better understanding of the patient experience.

Andrew has contributed to MD Anderson’s Cancerwise, KevinMD and the Cancer Knowledge Network. Fifty percent of author proceeds will go to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, in gratitude for Andrew’s treatment by the Blood and Marrow Transplant Team.

Living with Cancer: A Journey, e-book edition, is available at AmazoniBookstore (media-rich edition), and Kobo. A hard copy version is available at Lulu.

A short video interview with Andrew is available on here, with another longer, more detailed video also available on Youtube. Goodreads link here.

Selected reviews:

I have practiced oncology for a while, nonetheless, Living provides insights, which for me are new and genuine.  This highly readable work is an important addition to personal memoir and the cancer fight….  This is an important, modern book about life and cancer and Griffith is a skilled teacher. … Living is an excellent source of information and introspection, and is a valuable addition to the armamentaria of anyone involved in the battle against the dread disease. (Sunrise Rounds)

The Kindle edition is a bargain at $3.99 because amid the 300+ pages are the heart and soul of a cancer patient who takes his treatment seriously, but living life even more so. If you want to know what a cancer patient thinks or feels, read this book. If you want to know what the treatment experience is like, especially one that involves stem cell transplants, read this book. …. I think you will find Andrew’s blog and book, both, valuable resources, well-written, and deeply thoughtful. (Blessings in Disguise)

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Practical Tips
  3. Navigating Healthcare
  4. Support: A Compact
  5. The Journey Begins
  6. Transplant and Beyond
  7. Dualities
  8. Faith
  9. Lessons
  10. Relapse
  11. Transplant: Day 0 to 30
  12. Graft vs. Host Disease: Day 31 to 100
  13. Recovery: Month 3 to 6
  14. Getting on: Month 6 to 9
  15. The Home Stretch: Month 9 on
  16. What We Call Ourselves
  17. Letting Go and Accepting
  18. Living with Cancer

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