Please find below links to some of my reflection pieces:

Dualities:  Looking at my reactions through a framework of opposites or contrasts gave me a better sense of where I was on a continuum, and how this evolved over time.

Lessons Learned:  A number of longer-term themes or general lessons kept coming back. These gelled quite early, and I kept coming back to these as my markers, during good days and bad, as what I wanted to take away for the future.

Faith:  Questions of “why me” and mortality are always in the background, no matter how much I try to focus on the here and now. That this journey has heightened my sense of wonder appears important to me.

What we call ourselves: During the past few years, I’ve reflected on the terms people use to describe their life with cancer, whether hero, warrior, fighter, veteran, graduate, survivor, victim or living with cancer.


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